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Love Letter #25 “Happy 40th Birthday Video Games”

Dear Video Games,

Following Gamasutra’s lead, I choose to believe that your birth as ‘home’ video games began in 1972 with the Odyssey game system. Since then, you’ve revolutionized the entertainment industry as a multi-billion dollar behemoth but unfortunately collected a fair share of haters and non-believers along the way.

I, for one, loved you since the day we met. If you seem to forget that day, it was back in the 80’s at a family gathering and began with my older cousin saying… 

"I got this game where you have a gun and shoot ducks on TV. Wanna try it?"

Yes, that’s right, I found you through a mean game of Duck Hunt, and although I could barely stand that pesky dog popping up out of the grass to laugh at my poor shooting skills, my tenacity shone through and I managed to complete the first 3 levels before it was time to go home.

Since then, I’ve seen you evolve into the leader I knew you would and can’t wait to celebrate your success at next week’s NY Gaming Conference.



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